Development Plan Survey – Uniting the Community

Development Plan Survey – Uniting the Community

Meeting @ 7pm on Tuesday 28th Nov’ in the Village Hall

Upper Rissington Neighbourhood Development Plan Questionnaire

Click LINK for survey.

Please complete the Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) questionnaire so that we can identify the expectations and needs of our community, and the future maintenance and development of existing and new facilities and amenities.

The NDP will:-

  1. Be used in conjunction with all future planning applications received from developers
  2. Give the Upper Rissington Parish Council an influence in law when future planning issues for the village are debated with the County Planners.
  3. Identify specific amenity areas, and facilities required in the village
  4. Assist with the application for improvements to traffic regulation and public transport
  5. Set out a vision for the village that truly reflects the needs and feelings of the local community as a whole.

Collated and analysed results will be made publicly available in due course and will be reflected within the DRAFT of the NDP.  The timing of this information being available will be posted on the Upper Rissington village website – under Development Plan &

Please complete the Questionnaire online or post the form in the Questionnaire Box at the Co-Op cashier desk by 31st August 2017.

In the meantime for further information and questions please contact:

Andrew MacLean (Chairman) (T) 01451 824 482 (E)
Amos Peek (Treasurer) (T) 01451 810 178 (E)
Julia Sibun (Secretary) (T) 07974 778 806 (E)

Thank you so much for your support and co-operation.

This is the plan submitted by Lechlade: Lechlade on Thames NDP.